Dongyang Crane

Dongyang Mechatronics, which produces automotive components, hydraulic components and industrial machinery, has continued to keep a challenging spirit and faithful attitude for the satisfaction of customers since its establishment in 1978, keeping pace with leading companies in the world.

To realize the humanism-based management, we are taking the policies such as "collective decision-making", "Everybody's participation in management" and "Fair distribution of achievement". And for the customer satisfaction, we are taking sales policies such as creative technology, best service and always keep our ears wide open for the customer's opinion.

With our striving spirit and faithful attitude, we will pioneer new business and sincerely take our social responsibility as an enterprise. We will lead you towards a cleaner and more affluent 21st century.
(References: Dongyang Crane Website)

Dongyang Crane

Dongyang Stiff Boom Cranes Line Up

Dongyang Crane SS1404 SS3504

Dongyang Crane SS1406 SS1506ACE

Dongyang Crane SS1924 SS1926

Dongyang Crane SS2036 SS2037

Dongyang Crane SS2046

Dongyang Crane SS2047

Dongyang Crane SS2724 SS2725

Dongyang Crane SS2725LB SS3506

Dongyang Crane SS6506

Dongyang Crane SS7506

Dongyang Crane SSN2200 SSN2700 SSN3000